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About Green Smile Mafia
<Green Smile Mafia>

Hey there LastWoW community. I want to present to you and also inform you all about our guild. Our guild is hosted by few friends and its true purpose is dedicated to PvP, We are a basic line up of players sick of guilds forming and disbanding on the Alliance side all with a dream to be in a interactive community with Dedicated Officers to hand.

We have very strong morals of the game and also very strong views on the people we wish to recruit, In this next part of the post (yes this is the requirements part) please read and seriously think about if you can fulfill each one without fail.

We would like all members to:

1) Speak fluent English.
2) Be Dedicated to PvP, Doing PvE is not a crime. But remember our members are not obligated to join your raids.
3) Be able to Interact with members and treat them with respect. If there is ever an issue you talk to an officer, if there is an issue with an officer you talk to Ginhinhe.
4) Play frequently.
5) Have "Preform AV Enabler" Installed, We do Premades a lot so this is very important. LINK - LINK
6) Be a Team player, Join our events and Premades and so on.
7) Contribute what you can spare, Help us become the first full and stable community on LastWoW.That includes helping the people with quests,arena,professions and so on.

8 ) Selling is FORBIDDEN in the guild. Everything goes for free here. Trading/selling characters or Donation Points on Gchat is not allowed aswell. Edit your note instead or ask the people on PM. We don't wanna spam with character trades.
9) Do NOT ask for PROMOTION! Doing so will result in a demote/kick

Please note: Anyone caught Bug abusing / Hacking, Will be Instantly removed and reported to a Game Master, If you are proven Innocent you will be allowed to re-enter at your discretion.

Contacting Our Staff:
1) On the forum you can PM Gin or Vililol here.
2) You can also Mail us or Whisper us in game on these characters: Ginhinhe, Jebqo, Preyven, Ambitius, Athenewinz, Vanir, Roaryl, Felinndra, Descartes, Aussieping, Maitonappi, Captured, Weedzen, Mirneda, Smartypants, Seython, Mcmanus, Kalpal, Meez, Avake for an invite

In the end all it comes down to is you, We are not all that picky its down to your attitude and dedication. If you feel that you can deal with our ways then please feel free to contact us. Our rules are not strict, Merely Guidelines. Although don't be fooled, Any abuse towards members or the guild will result in a Guild Kick.

-Regards Ginhinhe & the Green Smile Mafia Staff
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Gin / Apr 25, 2012
Since some of our officers left , others don't have that time to spare for WoW , I decided to promote a few people to help us out with the guild work. Here is the list:
-Infest , Vito Corleone
-Paladyum, Vito Corleone
-Ruukia, Vito Corleone
-Potatoing, Vito Corleone
-Bananachanqt, Vito Corleone
Grats to you guys and keep up the good work
Gin / Mar 14, 2012
I want to announce the event winners from todays hosted by me ( Ginhinhe ) at 18.30 server time . Location was Elwynn Forest , south of Goldshire. The event rules were the following :

*No 10+ minutes CDs (means LoH will result a loss)
*No Nitro boots or grenades.
*You must only have self casted buffs.
*You must not abuse a skill or talent knowingly unless it's server side
*You can't eat, only drink

The following duels were played :
1st round
Gangun vs Diniss : Diniss wins
Roaryl vs Ambitius : Ambitius wins
Spartana vs Keils : Spartana wins
Stevexxdan vs Fushar : Steve wins
Rheomyr vs Smileybg : Rheomyr wins
Nachoz vs Spremnost : Nachoz wins
Rheomyr vs Acelles : Rheomyr wins
Istrajnost vs Mcmanus : Istrajnost wins
Maitonappi vs Ct : Maitonappi wins
Spartana vs Xibitreignn : Xibitreignn wins

2nd round

Istrajnost vs Xibitrreign : Istrajnost wins with /roll due to expired time
Nachoz vs Rheomyr : Rheomyr wins
Maitonappi vs Stevexxdan : Steve wins
Ambitius vs Diniss : Diniss wins

3rd round

Diniss vs Rheomyr : Diniss wins
Stevexxdan vs Istrajnost : Stevexxdan wins

Final duel

Diniss vs Stevexxdan : Diniss wins the event.

Winners : 1st place Diniss-reward 30 000 gold,2nd place Stevexxdan 4 000 gold,3rd place Istrajnost 1 000 gold and a free enchant.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for joining the event.

Gin / Jan 27, 2012
Hi I'd like to present you the new website look. Please leave feedback what do you think about it , what can we improve , if you got any skill with picture-editing programs and can do some worthy background we will appreciate it.I tried to fit it with the guild name,ranks and at the same time to have a more impressive look.Still we have much to improve.Thanks and I am waiting for your comments!
Regards Gin
Vililol/Athenewinz / Jan 26, 2012
Started as an idea,while we were in eots premade,the raid went quite well.With people from <Green Smile Mafia> and <Reluctance>,for a total of ~40,managed to get about 1200 HKs.We wiped twice in total,with the 2nd time being the end of the raid.I'm glad that the hordes put an effort in defending.So here are some screens(videos in the Media part of the site):

Thank you all for coming!
Gin / Jan 24, 2012
Hello guys , we have a new challenge : The Guild Bank Event ! Until the end of the month you can add items to the bank and at the end of the month whoever adds the worthiest items to the bank , will become the reward of 1 000 donation points.
PS : Great job on the OG raid this evening!